Get Prepared

Get Demos to Us ASAP

  • Give us time to make arrangement changes.
  • Get MP3s back to you in time for you to rehearse them.
  • Gives us time to think of fun things to do with your record.


  • Listen to what’s going on around you. Experiment.
  • Make sure your part contributes to the song and doesn’t just take up space.
  • Make sure it’s not walking on the vocal or conflicting with anyone else. Be creative.

Take Care of Your Instruments

  • Get your guitars or basses set-up and intonated by a professional.
  • Check with us about getting new heads for your drums.
  • Let us know about the gear you have and if you have any specific requests.


  • Plan ahead time schedule for string arrangements, and drum machine parts if needed.
  • Time management and special requests you’d like to try
  • The quicker you get through the basics, the more time you have for fun things to make an interesting album.


  • Utilize a click track and no amp to hear how you play your parts.
  • Drummers — well tuned drums.
  • Work on being as consistent as possible. Play with confidence.